This or That

Looking for a fun way to spend time with friends? Try our This or That questions for a hilarious and thought-provoking conversation.

Think you’re quick to make decisions? Put that skill to the test with “This or That”!

This classic game puts the power of choice in your hands! We’ve all been there, blankly staring at a refrigerator full of food, unable to decide what to make and eat. With “This or That”, the pressure is on! Ready to make snap decisions?

What is “This or That”?

“This or That” is a decision-making game that asks you to pick one option over the other. In every round, two options are presented, and you must choose one. You can’t pick both or neither, so it’s an all-or-nothing situation!

“This or That” is another name for Would You Rather, another classic party game you’ve probably heard of. “This or That” can be played anywhere, anytime with friends and family, or just by yourself!

This game isn’t just a great way to make decisions quickly. It can also be a fun way to pass the time. And you never know; you might surprise yourself with your choices! So let’s get started. Ready to make some tough decisions?

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How to play “This or That”

The rules of “This or That” are simple. Before each round, gather at least two players and decide who will ask a question first.

Then, the player who is asked to start will present two options. For example: ‘Ice cream or cake?’

The other players must choose one option and can’t pick both or neither. They can also explain why they chose that option if they want.

After everyone has picked an option, the next round begins. This time, the player to the left of the first will be asked to choose an option for everyone else.

Players can continue the game for as long as they want and can come up with their questions. When everyone has had enough fun, the game is over!

Fun “This or That” questions

Fun Would You Rather

Ready to test your decision-making skills? Here are some fun “This or That” questions to play with friends:

1. Phone call or text message?

Love to talk or prefer to type?

2. Movie night or game night?

What’s your perfect Friday night activity?

3. Coffee or tea?

Caffeine or not?

4. Facebook or Instagram?

Which social media platform is your favorite?

5. Android or iOS?

Are you a fan of Android or Apple?

6. Netflix or Hulu?

Streaming service showdown!

7. Pancakes or waffles?

Sometimes the only thing that matters is breakfast!

8. Beach or mountains?

Perfect views!

9. Early bird or night owl?

Early worm or night crawler?

10. Comedy or drama?

Hey, we all gotta laugh and cry sometimes!

11. Sweet or savory?

Sweet tooth or salty tongue?

12. Fiction or non-fiction?

Fact or fancy?

13. Car or public transportation?

Gas or electric?

14. Summer or winter?

Love the heat or the cold?

15. Cats or dogs?


16. City or countryside?

Urban or rustic living?

17. Marvel or DC?

Superhero showdown!

18. E-book or paperback?

What kind of reader are you?

19. Fruit or vegetables?

Healthy snacks!

20. Jeans or sweatpants?

Comfy clothes!

21. Dancing or singing?

Pick your performance!

22. Marvel or Star Wars?

The ultimate sci-fi showdown!

23. Cake or pie?

The dessert question of the century!

24. Instagram or TikTok?

What’s your favorite social media platform?

25. Mac or PC?

Which computer are you loyal to?

26. Hot or cold?

Are you a fan of the heat or the chill?

27. Morning or evening workouts?

When do you get your energy up?

28. Digital or analog watch?

Which timepiece do you prefer?

29. Skateboarding or rollerblading?

Which of these wheeled sports do you prefer?

30. Fiction or poetry?

The power of literature.

31. Plane or train travel?

The great journey debate.

32. Rain or snow?

Which weather do you prefer?

33. Italian or Mexican food?


34. Classical or jazz music?

Listen and choose.

35. Calligraphy or typography?

Ah, the beauty of lettering!

36. Laptop or desktop computer?

Mobile or stationary?

37. Scuba diving or snorkeling?

How fun!

38. Swimming or sunbathing?

Take your pick.

39. Jeans or shorts?

Comfy clothes for summer days.

40. Winter or summer fashion?

What’s your style?

41. French or Spanish?

Choose your language.

42. Singing or playing a musical instrument?

Which musical skill do you have?

43. Photography or painting?

Express yourself with art.

44. Science or history?

Learn something new.

45. Window or aisle seat on a plane?

Do you want the view or more legroom?

46. Chocolate or vanilla?

A classic flavor question.

47. Sushi or pizza?


48. Red wine or white wine?

Which one is your favorite?

49. Action or adventure movies?

Which genre do you prefer?

50. Spring or fall?

Beauty in the seasons.

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